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Joe’s Need To Know News…These are Stories you might not hear on the news but I wanna talk about anyways.

Amazon just announced a new service where you give their drivers access to your CAR, so they can leave your packages in your trunk. They get in by hooking into the computer system in your “connected” car. So you have to be subscribed to a service like OnStar. That lets the driver use GPS to find it and lets him open the trunk without a key to leave your packages.

Waiters at a restaurant in Baltimore lit four saganakis at once, and the flames set off the sprinkler system. Fire retardant covered the waiters, the food, and a few customers. Fortunately, they were totally cool about it and laughed at the whole thing.

Researchers have finally confirmed that URANUS smells like farts. Astronomers have always wondered what the atmosphere around the planet Uranus is made of. And a team of researchers just figured out it contains hydrogen sulfide, the same thing that gives rotten eggs that gassy smell.  It’s important, because it could help them figure out how other planets in the solar system formed.

A high school student in Florida who held a “racist” sign asking a girl to prom is being slammed on social media. The teen wrote on a large white placard: “If I was black I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking u 4 prom?” The “prom-proposal” was posted to Snapchat by his date and it went viral. The teen is now being investigated by the school for the racist post.

The University of Toledo found themselves in a pickle over a tweet about Shrek. The school’s Twitter account posted they would change their mascot from the Rockets to Shrek if their tweet got 500,000 retweets. The tweet featured a photo of Shrek. When the tweet reached around 90,000 retweets, the school deleted the post. They didn’t say why the tweet was deleted.

Harley-Davidson is looking for paid interns to ride around on motorcycles this summer and post about it on social media. And at the end of the internship, you get to KEEP your motorcycle.

A 19 year old guy in India got into a brawl last Wednesday, and ended up with a key lodged in the top of his SKULL.

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