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A church in San Francisco announced they will hold a “Beyonce Mass” to discover how her music “opens a window to the lives of the marginalized and forgotten–particularly black females.” According to  Rev. Jude Harmon of the Vine at San Francisco Grace Cathedral: “In this year where there’s been so much conversation about the role of women and communities of color, we felt a need to lift up the voices that the church has traditionally suppressed. “The beauty of Beyoncé’s music is she explores those themes in an idiom that is accessible to everyone. We can use it as a conversation starter.”  “I know there are people who will say using Beyoncé is just a cheap way of trying to get people in the church,” he continued. “But Jesus used very provocative images in the stories he would tell to incite people to ask hard questions about their own religious assumptions. He regularly provoked. We’re following in the way of Jesus.”