Joe’s Need To Know News… These are Stories you might not hear on the news but I wanna talk about anyways.

The Pacers look to take a 2-0 road lead in their 1st round matchup against the Cleveland Cavaliers when they play tonight at 7:00pm

-A Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Dallas blew an engine yesterday, and a piece of it broke a window and almost SUCKED OUT a female passenger. The plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia, but the woman died at a hospital yesterday afternoon. The NTSB is investigating.

-The IRS moved Tax Day to today. They gave taxpayers an extra day to file after its website went down on deadline day. The agency says that individuals and businesses with a filing or payment that was due yesterday now have until midnight tonight, and there is no additional paperwork needed to get the extension. The IRS said the issue with the website “appears to be hardware related” and due to a high volume of traffic.

-Starbucks has been under fire since a manager called police on two black men at a Philadelphia store and had the men arrested for trespassing. That’s why they’ve decided to close all of their US locations on the afternoon of May 29 for racial bias training. Nearly 175,000 employees will receive the training, and new hires will be required to go through it as well.

-A Indy woman named Amanda Burnett, went on a dinner date with a guy and afterwards she realized she wasn’t interested in continuing the relationship, so she decided to stop answering his texts. A few weeks after the date, the man sent the Amanda an invoice detailing everything she had to eat and drink that night, asking her to pay for it. She posted the invoice on Twitter and people are divided over the situation with some people saying he’s wrong and others saying he’s right. One person tweeted,  “Can’t say I don’t blame him,” another person said, “Wow this woman has no morals and can’t afford to pay for her own meal. #LookingForFreeMeal.” In the woman’s defense a person tweeted, “Send him an invoice for the time you wasted on the date.”

-A kid in Greensboro, North Carolina talked to the local news after a tornado ripped through his neighborhood on Sunday. And even though he saw his neighbors’ roofs being ripped off, he still tried to finish his game of “Fortnite”

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