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Joe’s Need To Know News…These are Stories you might not hear on the new but I wanna talk about anyways

– A former mailman was charged with official misconduct and misdemeanor theft for failing to deliver 17,000 pieces of mail in Indiana .The guy was arrested last year after more than half the undelivered mail was found in a ravine in the woods. He also had 6,000 pieces of undelivered mail inside his home. The man said he had several months where he didn’t have time to finish his routes. He also admitted he paid a man $50 to burn each bundle of mail. All of the mail that was found intact has since been delivered.

-A fashion company, called Patricia’s Couture, is selling custom-made pajamas featuring your pet’s face starting at $179 Just go to the website and upload two photos of your pet to get started.

-Uber announced yesterday it was adding a car-sharing service on its app. In a partnership with Getaround, Uber Rent connects users to nearby cars through the Uber app. Instead of getting a ride, you’re renting someone’s car for a short amount of time. You can sign up, reserve, and unlock a car right through the Uber app.  A variety of cars, from small sedans to bigger SUVs for road trips, are available through the app and priced out based on your rental length. the carshare program will begin in San Francisco.

The State Senate in Louisiana voted to ban having sex with animals by a count of 25 to 10. A senator from New Orleans said it was important the state had a law to arrest someone for having sex with animals. He told his fellow senators, “God forbid you vote against this bill, good luck explaining it.” The measure now heads to Louisiana’s House of Representatives.

-A man was forced to go to the emergency room after he ate a Carolina Reaper, which is the hottest pepper in the world. The guy, from the U.S., began dry heaving as soon as he ate the pepper. He then suffered from excruciating neck pain which spread throughout his entire head. Over the next several days he started having painful bursts of head pain known as thunderclap headaches. He went to the emergency room where doctors discovered several of his arteries had narrowed, causing the headaches. Luckily, the guy didn’t suffer any permanent damage.

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