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Donald Trump knows how to cash in on a down and out celebrity. He’s unbelievably publicity savvy and he’s a friend of the Lohan family. So what does all that mean? Hopefully (for him) that Lindsay Lohan will agree to be on the next season of Celebrity Apprentice.

“Donald is a friend of the family, and producers of Celebrity Apprentice have approached Lindsay to appear in the next season. She’s deciding if she wants to do it or not, but she currently has three films in production, so she’s very busy.”

FYI, Khloe Kardashian has already signed on for the new season.

Lindsay has been getting a lot more work lately, so I’m not sure if she really needs this. But it might not be a bad gig for Lindsay…nothing wrong with having to ACTUALLY work…after all, look what it did for Bret Michaels

[Article via Hollywood Backwash]