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**Spoiler Alert**
A Crock-Pot may have killed Jack Pearson, but the company doesn’t want the blame. After the “This Is Us” reveal Tuesday night that a faulty Crock-Pot started the fire in the Pearson home that likely killed Jack, the company behind the slow-cooker was forced to defend itself online from heartbroken fans. The company responded to one commenter on Facebook:  “We’re heartbroken over last night’s episode, too!  We’re innocent until proven guilty.” “Jack Pearson was our Valentine so we equally understand your pain with his loss. We love him and we love you too.” Even show creator Dan Fogelman jumped in to defend the company, writing: “Taking a moment to remind everyone that it was a 20 year old fictional crockpot with an already funky switch? Let’s not just lump all those lovely hardworking crockpots together.”.