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Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is coming clean about his history regarding sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and even an accusation of rape. If that name isn’t ringing a bell, his work will. Remember the documentary “Super Size Me”? Spurlock volunteered the information in a lengthy statement which he posted on TwitLonger and linked to his own Twitter account. He posted a list of confessions Wednesday, including a detailed description of a sexual encounter with a woman he had in college that led to him being accused of rape. Spurlock also admits to paying off a former female assistant who he often called “hot pants” or “sex pants” about 8 years ago to settle a sexual harassment claim and keep it quiet. He admits he has been unfaithful to both his wives and all his girlfriends. Spurlock says he’s not been an innocent bystander amid the wave of sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood and beyond, and has wondered … “When will they come for me?” He adds … “If I’m going to truly represent myself as someone who has built a career on finding the truth, then it’s time for me to be truthful as well.” Spurlock says he was sexually abused as a boy before vowing to be part of the solution from now on.

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