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Corey Feldman revealed his plan to expose a network of Hollywood pedophiles, through a film which he says will cost $10 million to make. The 46-year-old actor has previously said he’s a victim of a network of molesters, and he says ‘thousands’ of others in the industry are aware of the predators, who are still operating “at the highest level” of Hollywood. Earlier this week, he spoke of his plan to bring them to justice in a string of tweets. Since then, he has been arrested for marijuana possession, all of his band members have quit because they’re scared for their lives, and Corey says two trucks have tried to kill him by trying to run him over as he’s walked on sidewalks. If you listened to Murder Monday this week on the show, this is all EXTREMELY similar to The Johnny Gosch case in a lot of ways, and you’ll really see the similarities this coming Monday when we finish up and tell you all of the crazy stuff that happened.