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I just thought I’d share what music I’m into right now and the songs that are on repeat for me. In the comments tell me what you’ve been listening to!

This song is so gorgeous, and it makes me want to be wrapped up in a big sweater on a beach somewhere at a bonfire or something. I KNOW. I’m weird.

I’m obsessed with this band right now and I like a ton of their songs but here’s their most popular one so hopefully you can get hooked like I am.

I couldn’t find a music video for this but if you aren’t obsessed with “Mask Off” by Future right now, WYD.

Basically summer in a song.

The ultimate “I told you so” song.

A super pretty song about knowing a relationship isn’t gonna work no matter how many times you try. Think a folksier version of John Mayer’s “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room”.

This song just makes you feel like a straight BOSS.

There just isn’t another hip hop song that even sounds close to this. It’s unique, and a great pump up song if you tryna get HYPE.

What is on your playlist right now?!

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