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Justin Bieber is touring Australia as part of his Purpose world tour. He’s played in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth, and it’s the Perth visit that has conspiracy folks frantically shaking at the idea that maybe, just maybe, Justin Bieber let himself slip up in front of hundreds of fans, revealing himself to actually be a “giant reptile”. Much of the conspiracy hinges on an article ALLEGEDLY published (and then quickly taken down) on Perth Now, with a headline reading “Hundreds Of Fans Claim They Saw Justin Bieber Turn Into Giant Reptile”.

The alleged story went on to claim police had been called by distressed fans who saw “gross, coloured scales” all over Bieber’s body.

Buzzfeed seemed to kick off the conspiracies, with the added bonus of more quotes about Lizard Bieber from the very reliable source of “local skater.”

“He was hanging around with this big guy, his bodyguard I guess, and we were just staring because he kept turning into a huge reptile,” said a local skater. “His bodyguard was pointing at us, shouting that he’d kick our teeth in if we didn’t put our phones away.”



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