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The Humane Society of Indianapolis has helped plenty pets find their families and now they are helping a few irresistible dogs find homes as they linked up with Radio Now’s own Buster on Thursday to help Rowdy find a brand new home!

At 5 years 8 months old, Rowdy is a male, neutered shelter dog and he can be adopted for a $160 fee!

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Rowdy loves keeping busy and is looking for an owner who will keep him occupied with games, toys, and maybe training classes.  He is a very smart boy, and he already knows sit and shake! He loves to play exuberantly with toys, especially soft squeaky ones.

Plus, Rowdy is very affectionate, and he will want to spend a lot of time with his new family.

IndyHumane staff would be happy to schedule an introduction with any children in the home, to make sure all will get along well. Learn more about Rowdy here and watch the video above!

Meet Rowdy From The Humane Society of Indianapolis!
Rowdy- Buster's Dog House
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