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It’s no secret that, Gloria Pritchett-Delgado, actress Sofia Vergara’s character on ABC’s Modern Family, is the life of the party for the somewhat family-friendly series. Gloria is married to a much older man, Jay, and never holds back from showering her sons Manny and Fulgencio Joseph “Joe” Pritchett with overbearing love.

She has no problem reminding everyone that she is from the most dangerous city in Colombia. In fact, she is often on a self-proclaimed mission to shut down any form of discrimination that might occur against her or her sons. But she is also known for her outspoken personality and very unique voice on the show. Modern Family addicts might remember her voice has set off a car alarm, started a feud with the neighbor’s dog, and even startled and frightened a few drivers who thought it was a police or ambulance siren. And of course we can’t forget the countless yet hilarious times Gloria has mispronounced words and gone as far as using sounds to replace things she can’t articulate, or just switching to Spanish.

Still, there is no way fans can deny the sex appeal that she brings to the series. Whether it’s intentional or something she is completely oblivious to, Gloria takes almost every moment possible to remind Jay and her in-laws that she is the sassy, spicy woman that he fell in love with. And while this might not always sit right with her stepdaughter Claire Dunphy, who’s a year older than Gloria, it’s one of the things that make Gloria the character viewers know and love. So we had a take a look at Vergara and Gloria’s sexiest moments on Modern Family.

15. That Time She Nearly Smothered Phil Dunphy With Her Chest:

Via: Modern Family Screenshot

Via: Modern Family Screenshot

Gloria might have had pure intentions when she agreed to give her stepson-in-law, Phil Dunphy, a haircut in a previous episode. But she sported a buttoned-up, leopard print crop top while doing so. To make things more uncomfortable for Phil, Gloria clearly didn’t realize that she kept putting her chest in his face as she continued to give him a trim. He tried to shift his face in a different direction several times in the scene, but Gloria made him sit still. Interestingly enough, she took her hairstylist skills up a notch and ended up giving Phil solid advice about an argument he had with Claire the night before. In true Gloria form, she had no clue how uncomfortable Phil was during their awkward yet funny chat.

14. Gloria Proves She’s A Sexy Chef

14 - career addict

Gloria’s hot factor is turned up even in the kitchen on Modern FamilyHer husband Jay pointed that out in one scene when she was whipping up something special. “Oh I love how you stir,” he said. Even though Gloria was all for the compliment, she reminded Jay that he can’t woo her that easily. Not until he appreciates her strong Latin culture of course; especially when it comes to food. She made sure he wouldn’t disrespect her ancestors again when she ordered him to slap the piece of chicken she was cooking; something she said was a very important tradition while growing up in Colombia. She later admitted to cameras that she made the whole thing up and just wanted to get back at Jay for not respecting her culture.

13. When She Finds Out Jay Has Eyes For Another Woman

Via: "Modern Family" Screenshot

Via: “Modern Family” Screenshot

Gloria is definitely used to being the most attractive woman in the room. But her reaction to being ousted by a mystery woman is priceless and of course plays up to her sex appeal. Her husband had a passionate dream about a woman who definitely wasn’t Gloria. Jay snored and said “Oh baby” in his sleep while Gloria looked on in anger and revealed he never calls her “baby,” all while wearing one of her many animal-print pieces of lingerie. She smacked Jay to wake him up and then pretended to be sleeping when it actually worked. Of course her anger went into the next day when a very clueless Jay had no idea why his arm was bruised. Gloria continued to play coy until she said sarcastically, “Poor baby.” That’s when it clicked for Jay and let’s just say his face was hilarious.

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