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Stan Lee In Marvel Movie Cameo

The father of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, has become a fan favorite expected cameo in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films.  Stan Lee has made a cameo in all 13 MCU films so far, along with a variety of other Marvel based films created outside of the MCU.

Stan Lee is coming up on his 94th birthday in December.  This has to be something Marvel has taken notice of.  For years there have been rumors that Stan’s cameos were all pre-taped way in advanced to insure the legacy of Stan’s cameos in the MCU. The rumor was that Stan’s cameos were filmed in generic scenarios so that all that is need is some CGI magic to make his cameo come to life in the films.

It was reported recently that Stan filmed cameos for four upcoming MCU films in one day!

CinemaBlend reported that at a special screening of Captain America: Civil War in Los Angeles, the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige was in attendance for a special Q&A.  Feige was asked if the cameos were random scenes or planned in advance.

“We do not shoot random ones,” replied Feige. “They’re always very specific… A couple of months ago in Atlanta, [Lee] flew down and we shot four in one day — for four various projects. They’re all awesome! They’re all totally different. And he was unbelievable. He was on fire. He came in, he sat here, he stood there, he stood in this window, and then he went home.”

The theories of which films Lee was filming for are now circling the Internet, but the MCU’s upcoming line-up are the obvious films.  Including Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Doctor Strange film, which Stan was a major party of the creation of the Spider-Man and Doctor Strange comics.  The other two films could very well be Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, which Stan appeared in the first Guardians’ movie.  There is also the possibility of the next two Avengers movies, Avengers: Infinity War and the currently untitled Avengers film being filmed back to back with Infinity War.