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Joss Whedon

Notable Writer and Director, Joss Whedon, the man behind Marvel’s Avengers Movies of Phase One and Phase Two. Now Joss Whedon has assembled a different team that includes some of the Avengers. This time Joss Whedon and friends are doing battle against the dubbed presidential candidate villain, Donald Trump.

Making Whedon team Hillary. He is such a team member that he donated $1 million to helping the pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC Save The Day, in order to help her take down Donald Trump. Whedon wants people to get out and vote…and hopefully vote for Hillary.

“It’s not about attacking because Donny’s real good at attacking himself,” says Whedon. “It’s about getting people to vote, because it’s frightening the apathy that people are treating the most crucial election of their lifetimes with.” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Whedon has been a loyal supporter of Clinton even back when she was battling Sen. Bernie Sanders.  “I really loved a lot of the things that Bernie had to say,” he acknowledges, but adds that ultimately believes “Hillary will be better at this job.” he told The Hollywood Reporter