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Amber Rose & Blac Chyna Host The Pool After Dark

Blac Chyna is the most supportive BFF ever.

After cheering Amber on at her Dancing With the Stars premiere, the very pregnant Rob & Chyna reality star stopped by Muva’s podcast, Loveline With Amber Rose. In an interview that posted Wednesday, Sept 15, Chyna talked all about her pregnancy, the decision to breastfeed this time, and her husband-to-be, Rob Kardashian, not liking sex toys.

With nine weeks left until their daughter is born, Chyna has had “no cravings, no morning sickness” and says she “could do it again.” She also says she’s definitely “more educated” about her pregnancy the second time around and feels “obligated, in a sense” to breastfeed.

“Just reading and knowing the pros of breastfeeding for your baby, and just recently I found out some new, cool stuff about not cutting the cord and sending your placenta; you can get these pills to take them after to make you and the baby healthy,” Chyna said. “If you notice dogs and cats, when they have their babies, they eat the placenta. You’re like, ‘No, don’t do that!’ But they do, it’s a healthy thing.”

Amber went on to reveal she “wasn’t horny” while she was pregnant with Wiz Khalifa’s son Sebastian Thomaz. Chyna didn’t have much to say about what happens between the sheets with Rob, except for the fact that the only Kardashian brother isn’t into sex toys. She revealed, “I gotta kinda sneak it sometimes. I wait till he leaves.”

Another interesting moment came when the pair discussed Pamela Anderson’s call for men to stop watching porn, as it “is a public hazard.”

“Frankly, I’m appalled,” the Dancing With the Stars contestant said. “I always looked at her as a very liberal, outgoing, fun blonde.” Chyna, meanwhile, suggested that masturbating while watching porn is “the safest thing” instead of going out and taking your chances “with all these horny men.”

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