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Bella Thorne Identifies as Bisexual

Actress, Bella Thorne recently took to Twitter and Snapchat to admit that she identifies as bisexual. After retweeting a photo of Thorne kissing her best friend of 15-years, Bella Pendagrast, who is supposedly dating Bella Thorne’s brother.

The photo of Bella T and Bella P kissing sparked interest on twitter, resulting in some asking about her sexuality.

Bella Thorne was asked if she was Bisexual by a follower after the images of the two kissing appeared.  Thorne gave a simple reply.

Bella recently broke it off with former boyfriend, Wizards of Waverly Place star, Gregg Sulkin, of over a year.  Now that we know that she identifies as bisexual, will Bella T. & Bella P. every become official or is always gonna be a little awkward that Bella P. is still dating Bella Thorne’s Brother?

PHOTO SOURCE: Twitter/Snapchat

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