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Every year around this time we always get some new insight from Michael Jordan. Not from budding news writers, but from kids who love to play basketball and want to learn from the Legend, at his annual Flight School summer basketball camp.  Jordan always holds a Q&A with the campers, and that’s when the ridiculous questions and juicy information comes.

This year’s highlight question was “Who would you pick to play in ‘Space Jam 2’?”  The famous Looney Tunes based movie starring Michael Jordan as the heroic NBA star to help take on the villains of Moron Mountain in a basketball game. As talent as some of the Looney Tunes were on the court…and Bill Murray, Michael Jordan was of course the star of it all. The film, ‘Space Jam’ was released in 1996 and is still consider to most a classic.  It is still the reigning highest-grossing basketball movie of all time.  It has made over $90 million seen being released two decades ago.

So what did Jordan have to say about who should join the Tune Squad in the sequel?

Welp, the former Tune Squad leader has made his decision.  Funny man, Blake Griffin, and star forward for the Los Angeles Clippers, could be a good fit as the new captain for the Tune Squad.  He did do a Live-Script Reading of ‘Space Jam’ for Funny or Die, a place he interned at during the 2011 NBA season lockout.

Although MJ might see Blake Griffin as the perfect candidate, popular belief is that Lebron James is suited to put on the Tune Squad uniform after recently signing a few months ago to create new content for Warner Bros.  Most would guess that Blake Griffin might have a role in the movie whether he is the captain or not.  Some NBA stars have to have their talent stolen by aliens, don’t they?


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