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Calvin Harris who?

Remember 2 weeks ago when Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift called it quits, despite all the wedding rumors that had been swirling throughout their “magical” [according to Taylor] year-long romance?

Swift and Harris ended their relationship of over a year at the beginning of this month, and both of them said they ended on good terms.

Well, he’s LONG gone. Because now T Swizzle has been spotted locking lips with a new man. His name is Tom Hiddleston, but you may know him as the villain named “Loki” from the Marvel movies… OR as the guy slated to play the new James Bond.

This pic was taken near Taylor’s home in Rhode Island and was published on the front page of British tabloid “The Sun.”

“Tom has been courting Taylor since they met — he sent her flowers. She’s been won over,” a source told The Sun.

By the looks of that kiss, she has DEFINITELY moved on.