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Yesterday, video went viral of Justin Bieber in a LEGIT fist fight with another guy outside a hotel after the Cavs game 3 win.

Justin Bieber

Source: Def Jam / Def Jam

But what started the brawl?

According to a Facebook video posted by the other man, Cleveland local Lamont Richmond, the Biebs started it by being a punk… and calling him a “Motherf****r.”

The video has since been deleted, but of course TMZ captured it before it was taken down:


Richmond also wrote a post on Facebook, saying:

“For all you people talking crap he started with me I was just walking with my girlfriend both of them. They asked the little guy can they take a picture with him he said hell no get out his face so I said what the hell is wrong with you. Then he threw a punch and you see from the video what I had to do.”

And yes, Richmond also plans to sue. For what…we aren’t exactly sure. BUT of course we’ll keep you posted.