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This is the LAST thing Lamar Odom needs right now…

After coming so close to losing his life from a drug overdose just months ago, you think the last place Lamar would EVER want to be is in a bar/club. But guess where he was spotted earlier this week?

Yep, sure enough.

Lamar Odom

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According to TMZ, Lamar visited “The Nice Guy” in West Hollywood, which is a super popular bar for celebs like Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and other A-listers. Lamar wasn’t alone, as he and a friend hung out in the famous nightclub before leaving around 10:15 P.M. It’s possible that he was just grabbing a bite to eat, but after he seemed to fall back to his old habits, being around alcohol is probably the last temptation he needs.

This all after he was caught ordering drinks at Johnny O’Brien’s pub around midnight on March 26, which was the first time he was spotted in a bar since his near-fatal coma.

Khloe And Lamar

Source: Alo Ceballos / Contributor / Getty

Khloe Kardashian allegedly told Lamar that he needs to get himself to rehab and even suggested him enrolling in an outpatient program. So let’s hope she can break through to him so he can get himself healthy again.