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I thought it was time to take this whole “F*ckboy* movement into my own hands…

Sooo, damn near everyone has been posting and reposting these viral videos of [typically] DUDES trying to talk about the tell-tale signs of F*ckboy-ness. Which is great… I guess.

HOWEVER, I have a slight issue with dudes being the one’s spearheading this whole “You Might Be A F*ckboy If..” movement, when 9 times out of 10 they consider themselves a “reformed f*ckboy.”


So, my friend Ashley and I came up with a novel idea: Shouldn’t the women who actually have experience DATING these f*ckboys be the ones getting brutally honest about what f*ckboys do?

Yeah, we thought so too; so that’s exactly what we did!

Check out our video blog below.. I PROMISE it will be 11 minutes of share-worthy awesomeness!

[FYI: The title of the video is “You Might Be A F*ckboy If..” so consider this your warning that there might be some strong language… cuz ya’ can’t have a f*ckboy without the f*ck, obviously.] ENJOY!

Spoiler alert: the end is the BEST part ;-)



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