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Ok, I’m not proud of it but… I know a thing or two [or 18] about F*ckboys, because I have a habit of falling into relationships with them. It’s ok…. it happens to good women everywhere.

When F*ckboys Happen To Good People: That’s gonna be the title of my book someday. Sort of like a “Chicken Soup For The Soul” type of deal, but for f*ckboys obviously.

Anywho, if your intuition is telling you that you may have a F*ckboy on your hands, you’ve come to the right place. Because, naturally, you’ve got to be sure. First of all, I’ll prefaced this by saying: If it looks, smells, or acts anything with a slight semblance to a f*ckboy, he probably IS a f*ckboy.

But if you’re still not clear… check out this video by a dude who does a damn good job of spelling it out.


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