Justin Bieber is at it again….maybe.

According to TMZ, the Biebs kicked off his tour in Seattle last night. But that was after he managed to get himself in hot water at a local bar called “The Whisky Bar.”

Justin Bieber

Source: Getty Images / Getty

Apparently, he and his dancers ordered several shots, to the tune of over $130. HOWEVER, when a female fan asked for a photo and was denied, they say a male in her group of friends got upset and started making a scene. So, Bieber and his crew decided to get the heck up out of there before a fight broke out.

But in the process of them leaving, NO ONE paid the bill. And of course the whole thing was caught on surveillance cameras.

Justin Bieber In Concert - Atlanta, GA

Source: Moses Robinson / Getty

Apparently, his body guard was supposed to take care of paying the tab, but in all the commotion and chaos of the near-altercation. However, sources say that the bill was settled last night, so it’s all good in Bieber land.

Plus, he didn’t pee in any buckets, so that’s another bonus…


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