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 Well this sounds like a greaaaaaaat idea…said no one, ever.

110 Unsinkable "Titanic" GIFs

Remember that “unsinkable ship” that sank back in 1912 and killed around 1500 people? Then, they made a movie about it and none of us ever recovered from the death of Leonardo DiCaprio in the icy waters of the Atlantic ocean, even though that brat Rose swore she would “never let go.” [SPOILER: SHE LIED.]

110 Unsinkable "Titanic" GIFs

Well…they decided to recreate it.

A fully-functioning replica of RMS Titanic is set to launch in 2018, 106 years after the original vessel sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean.

This updated version, named Titanic II, is the brainchild of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer and his company, called the Blue Star Line.While it will look virtually identical to the 1912 cruise ship, it will be four meters wider. And unlike the original, the new ship will have enough lifeboats, along with marine evacuation systems—-probably a good idea.

110 Unsinkable "Titanic" GIFs

They will be selling 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class ticket’s just like the original. But there will also be some updates, including a swimming pool, gyms, and Turkish baths…whatever those are.

But unlike the original, there will be no icebergs on the first voyage. This time around, the maiden voyage will go from Jiangsu in Eastern China to Dubai and not like its namesake, which went from Southampton and was SUPPOSED to end up in New York.

Avoiding icebergs: probably a good idea…

110 Unsinkable "Titanic" GIFs

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