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Brian Dunkleman

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Imagine being the centerpiece of a popular television show that ends up turning into one of the biggest TV franchises of all time, American Idol.  Unfortunately, you left the show after the first season and missed the fame that came along with it.  That is exactly what happened to Ryan Seacrest’s former co host, Brian Dunkleman.

Ryan and Bryan were the original hosts of American Idol. One is now worth over $300 million and the other armed with a little over 3,000 Twitter followers.  Dunkleman joined Kyle, Rachel & B. Lord today on “Wakin’ Up with RadioNOW” in Indianapolis to talk why exactly he left and if he has any resentment.

On Twitter, Dunkleman considers himself a ‘television history footnote,’ but confessed his goal was to have an acting career and thought pursuing it after the first season was in his best interest.  Looking back on his now infamous decision to leave, “Hindsight is a bitch….what are you gonna do?”