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Kylie Jenner

At first glance, this looks just like every other photo of Kylie Jenner walking into the airport – but it’s a much more terrifying image.

The man with the beige shirt that’s following Kylie is a disgraced cop named Joseph Mendez, who was suspended from duty and arrested in September. He’s now facing eight counts of possessing child pornography and four counts of serving alcohol to minors.

Kylie Jenner

He collects celeb autographs and wanted Kylie to sign sexy pictures of herself, but did it in an extremely creepy way. Mendez followed Kylie from her car, all the way to the gate.

Inside Edition did a piece on this incident. Kylie wasn’t harmed and it doesn’t look like Mendez got her John Hancock.

SOURCE: Inside Edition | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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