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Miracle On Your Street: Julie Korth

Source: Troy Schieman / RadioNOW 100.9 / Troy Schieman

Miracle On Your Street has returned for the 2nd consecutive year and provided the Korth family with a little extra joy this holiday season.  Kyle, Rachel and B. Lord received hundreds of nominations for families in need of a ‘miracle’ this Christmas season.  Courtesy of Lincoln Square Pancake House, 3 families are being treated to a Christmas they will never forget!

Here is some of the things the Korth family received today:

-Samsung Tablet-$250

-$100 Pac Sun Gift Card

-$100 American Eagle Gift Card

-$100 Zumiez Gift Card

-Blue Tooth Speaker

-4 Pacers Tickets

-$100 to Cheesecake Factory

-Keurig Machine

-Knife Set-$50

-Set of Pots and Pans-$140

-Pyrex tubs and lids

Here is the nomination letter for the Korth family who received a ‘miracle’ today:

“The miracle I would like to see is for my coworker Julie Korth. She recently lost her home and everything in it due to a house fire. She is a single mom with 3 children. She is currently staying at a hotel and the only thing they have is the clothes on their backs. Now my coworkers and I have gathered some clothes and personal needs for them but I feel like they have lost their Christmas . It would be a miracle if they can at least have a wonderful Christmas due to this unfortunate mishap. Thank you!”

“Julie Korth and her 3 kids lost their home to a house fire earlier this week.  They lost all of their belongings.  Julie has worked hard as a single mom with a child who has a chronic illness.  Besides being a mom, Julie takes care of hundreds of other kids while at her job as a Nurse Practitioner at a school based clinic in IPS.  This house fire is just the most recent hurdle Julie and her family have faced.  Last year, their home was burglarized and valuables were taken.  It’s easy to lose faith when multiple bad things happen to you.  I would love for Julie and her family to have a miracle this Christmas.”