Breakups are awkward enough as it is without having 100 people text you asking “Are you ok?” and “What happened?” after you change your relationship status back to single.

So FINALLY, Facebook is coming to help.  Apparently Zuckerberg and his homies understand our pain, so now Facebook is testing out a new tool  to help you see less of the old tool in your life…AKA your ex. And the nicest part is they can actually do it without the awkwardness of having to unfriend/block them.

Starting today, US Facebook users who change their relationship status on mobile will be given the chance to “take a break” from seeing content from their ex. The app presents options that remove the other party’s posts from your feed and also helps limit which of your posts they’ll be able to see see and helps you untag them from posts and photos. It’s basically just a tool that helps you tweak your privacy settings to avoid confrontation — but it it is pretty straightforward.

As for actually breaking up with them…well, you’ll still have to do that part yourself.

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