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Yesterday, the whole nation had their eyes on Indianapolis as former Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle, was sentenced to over 15 years in federal prison for child pornography and child prostitution.

Although many of us wish it were longer, the judge did opt for a harsher punishment than the 12.5 years that the prosecution sought in light of their plea deal.

So now the question is, what will life be like for Jared behind bars? It’s well-known that other inmates are known to target child molesters and other individuals who committed child-related crimes. But will his money and high-file status change anything, for better or worse, while he is locked up?

Subway's Star Wars Rebels Promotion Kick-Off

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Luckily, Vice asked some people who have first-hand insight into life in the “pen” and it doesn’t sound like things will be a cake-walk for Jared…at all.

Here’s a few quotes from various inmates on what they foresee for the fallen Subway spokesman:

“With any luck, he’ll go to a place where they’ll extort the sh*t out of him before they kick his face off. If he came to the pen… It’d be a wrap, he wouldn’t have time to even put his bedroll down, because he’d be the prize—someone you’d get famous off of for smashing out.” 

“If he is sent to any USP [United States Penitentiary] other than Tucson, then he will be hurt or worse once he lands in there.” 

“He looks just like a chomo and he’ll be treated like a king…The feds take care of their chomies.”


Check out the full article on what the inmates said life will be like for Jared Fogle by clicking HERE.


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