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Caleb Dyl

Source: WPRI / WPRI

Courtesy of DailyMail:

Applebees has apologized to an autistic man who was allowed to work as a prep cook at one of their restaurants for a year without being paid. 

Caleb Dyl was placed at the restaurant by Resources for Human Development, a nonprofit which specializes in getting jobs for those with disabilities, but was then hired part-time.

However a breakdown in communication between RHD and Applebees meant Caleb, 21, was never paid, despite working ‘tirelessly’ three days a week for almost a year.

A spokesman for the restaurant, in Rhode Island, said they were not aware of the situation and are now writing Caleb a check for 166 days of work, pledging ‘we have to make this right’. 

A spokesman for Applebees has apologized to the family of autistic chef Caleb Dyl, 21 (right),  after he ended up ‘tirelessly’ working for the chain for a year without being paid.

Eleanor Clancy, a regional director for Applebees, said she ‘feels terrible’ that a series of clerical errors led to Caleb going without pay, and pledged to ‘make it right’ by writing him a check for 166 hours of work

According to WPRI-TV, Dyl was first placed at the restaurant in summer last year as part of a training program, but was scheduled to start receiving a minimum wage salary in August 2014.

His parents say they filled out all of the necessary paper work and sent it to RHD, though Dyl never received a dime for his efforts.

In November 2014,his parents filled out the documents for a second time after they were told the previous ones had been lost. 

They also contacted Pawtucket-based RHD, since they were the state funded agency which placed him with the job at Applebee’s.

WPRI reported that the agency sent a work coach to the restaurant who documented that the 21-year-old was a ‘tireless worker.’ 

‘One young man told me they were lucky to have him, that Caleb just continues to work and work and he won’t stop until the end of his shift,’ Bob Dyl, told WPRI.

‘He was enjoying the job, so we really weren’t focused on the income so much.

‘But after that amount of time, you kind of wonder what’s going on.’ 

Caleb, 21,  was scheduled to start receiving minimum wage pay for the part-time job in August 2014, but his parents say he was never paid even though they filled out all of the necessary paper work.

The agency sent a work coach to the restaurant who documented that Caleb was a ‘tireless worker.’ Above he cleans out the swimming pool at his parent’s home

Dyl worked at the restaurant for three days a week for about a year, until he stopped going to work in July. 

The Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Development Disabilities and Hospitals funds RHD. 

A spokesperson for the state agency, Linda Riley, told WPRI that if Dyl was not getting paid, RHD should have notified the state. 

Riley explained that there are no records that anyone from the agency did that. RHD would not comment about the situation.  

The regional director of operations for the Applebee’s chain, Eleanor Clancy, told WPRI that management at the location where Dyl worked was never aware of the problem until the TV station contacted them. 

Speaking to ABC, she added: ‘In this case, a series of unintended errors resulted in Caleb not being paid for approximately seven weeks of part-time employment. 

‘This is unacceptable, and once notified, our restaurant owner quickly ensured a check was sent to Caleb’s home. 

‘Our franchise has partnered with local service agencies for years to provide unique and valuable employment opportunities to individuals with special needs.’

According to the station, Caleb is even thinking of returning to work at the restaurant.

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