As if ladies probably weren’t getting enough peen pics as it is, now they are coming at you in the form of A VIDEO GAME.

Seriously…this is actually a thing.

Thanks to Maxim, the world has been introduced to this new [free] game called Cobra Club.

Here’s what they had to  say about it:

“Cobra Club is a new game that gives you a virtual dude to pose as you will in front of bathroom mirror. Armed with filters, a photo editing tool, and a tallywhacker of your very own to capture in its natural habitat, which apparently happens to be your character’s mom’s bathroom (she knocks on the door sometimes.) You can even control how, erm, long, and strong, and down to get the friction on your digital member is in order for some totally choice pictures.

But it’s not all fun and games after you take enough pictures and start uncovering the truth behind your gallery of trouser snake self-portraits. You’ll have to play the game, which is free, to see what we mean, but it’s well worth the hour or two you’ll probably spend editing your avatar’s downstairs.”

Check out the trailer below…PS, be warned this is ***NSFW***






























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