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Facebook is making changes… and NO it’s not that they are going to be charging you to keep your privacy unless you repost some status. [Hope you didn’t fall for that one…]

Beginning at 11 am PT/2 pm ET today, California and UK users are able to preview a new feature which allows them to upload 7-second clips rather than motionless profile pics.

The video will only loop when someone visits the user’s page, so thumbnails along the newsfeed will be one static frame from the clip.


Source: KAREN BLEIER / Getty

Other adjustments to the social networking site include a user’s ability to set an interim profile photo, like the Celebrate Pride filter or a picture promoting an upcoming event, that switches back to the previous default picture after a set time frame.

Additionally, Facebook is reportedly adding a one-line bio field for users worried the site isn’t enough like Tinder.

Cuz that’s what we need is another Tinder… haha *oooooh sarcasm*

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(PS: Anyone concerned about the mechanics of uploading a video as a profile image will be happy to find a tutorial accompanying the wide release of this new feature to ALL FB users.)

I see you Zuckerberg, always keeping us on our toes.