Lightning McQueen

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Single father Brett Winek just made his son’s biggest dreams come true.The Tennessee native had just purchased a brand new red Mustang, which he transformed into the Cars star Lightning McQueen in honor of his 3-year-old,Holden.Apparently his son is obsessed with any and all things Cars and understandably was shocked by the sight of his dad’s new ride.“Just to give you an example, he watched Cars 2 yesterday, 3 times,” Brett toldYahoo Parenting.“McQueen is his favorite character, and he loves Mater, too. He has both of the characters in toy cars and mimics their sayings all the time while playing. And I’ll be cooking dinner or washing clothes and just hear him giggling [while the characters are] goofing off in the movie.”

Brett searched high and low until he found Tennessee Tint, which specializes in custom vehicle wraps, to help complete his vision for the Mustang.

The transformation ending up costing around $1,200 total, and only took a few days to complete.

And as one would imagine, little Holden was downright shocked when he saw what was waiting at Tennessee Tint for him.

“He lit up so much when we picked up the car,” the proud papa explained. “He hopped around it and immediately wanted to jump in the driver’s seat!”

It’s official: we’re putting in a bid for Brett to be named the Father of the Year!

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