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Let’s face it, “Cuffing Season” is right around the corner. So couples will start pairing off faster than Starbucks can churn out pumpkin spice lattes.

But BEWARE. Not all dudes are worthy to be cuffed. There’s on particular breed of awful human that you need to avoid like the plague this cuffing season…and that would be the “F*ckboy” (also known as “F*ckboi” with an I). 

Example: Justin Bieber, 5-Star F*ckboy.

Justin Bieber

Source: Getty Images / Getty

F*ckboys are known to bring immense suckage to any awesome woman’s life, regardless of her ability to [try to] change a man. F*ckboys are unchangeable and steadfast in their f*ckboy-ness.

The worst part? They’re EVERYWHERE.

Luckily, there are warning signs…

Check out this video about ALL the red flags that indicate you might have stumbled upon a F*ckboy. And if you have…..RUN.

Run, Forrest, runnnnnnn!

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