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Donald Trump will let no man go unscathed on the road to the presidential election.

His latest target? CNN’s very own Anderson Cooper.

The real estate mogul appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday for a one-on-one interview and criticized the famed broadcaster for mentioning a poll that revealed participants viewed the candidate negatively. Because Trump had never heard of the Quinnipiac Poll, he verbally attacked Cooper.

“I don’t know, you keep bringing up negative,” Trump said. “You only want to bring up the negative. Why don’t you bring up the positive?”

The 69-year-old candidate cited multiple polls in which he’s leading the charge but claimed Cooper was only trying to make him look bad. “I think it’s a very unfair question,” he told the host. “I am leading across the board, and then you hit me with a poll that I’ve never seen this before.

“All I know is I have a very big group of support, and I think one of the reasons is the people don’t trust you, and the people don’t trust the media,” he continued. “And I understand why.”

“Right,” Cooper responded, “and politicians.”

The 69-year-old candidate noted that he’s “doing really well,” but the he-said-she-said fight caused Cooper to also call out Trump, telling him, “You are way out of line.”

Throughout the rest of the interview, Trump addressed his feuds with the other GOP candidates, including Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Lindsey Graham. After airing Graham’s personal cell phone number on TV in response to the senator calling him a “jackass,” Trump defended himself and said that he would always respond to insults.


“Am I supposed to say it’s OK to call me a jackass?” Trump asked rhetorically. “You have to fight back.”

Cooper wondered if Trump’s actions were “presidential,” and asked him whether or not he has ever admitted to a mistake. “Look, everyone makes mistakes,” Trump said. “I don’t think about it. I don’t like making too many mistakes.”

Trump isn’t the only one fighting back. Perry responded to Trump calling him a “hypocrite” by penning a statement on his website that called The Apprentice alum a “cancer on conservatism.”

Boom. Roasted.

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