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Why do people do this? Seriously, it’s so disgraceful to the servicemen and women who selflessly defend our nation.

UGHHHH. It frustrates me…

Earlier this week at the Noblesville High School graduation (at the Indiana State Fairgrounds), a [real] Marine and his father noticed a fake marine while leaving the graduation. The real marine noted that it was pretty obvious because of the errors in how the man wore the uniform, ribbons, and other aspects of the proper Marine uniform protocol.

So, they approached the imposter and the father started filming.

After the confrontation, the fake Marine fled and was nowhere to be found. The girlfriend of the imposter (who had been dating him for about a year) and her family had no clue he was a fake, and this an had been using his uniform and fake military stories to woo her. She, and her two sons, one whom was also graduating, thanked the Marine and his father for what they did. The now former girlfriend said she thought something wasn’t right, but wasn’t quite sure.

Here’s the video:

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