First the Blockbuster Box…and now THIS?!

Hot Dog Bites Pizza

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Behold the Hot Dog Bites Pizza

Pizza Hut, a YUM! Brands chain dealing with flat same-store sales in the U.S., has a new bold gambit to shake things up: A pizza with a pigs-in-a-blanket crust.

The Hot Dog Bites Pizza, as it’s been dubbed, is a large one-topping pizza that comes equipped with hot dog bites baked directly into the crust. It’s served with French’s mustard and costs $11.99. The new foodstuff will be available starting on Thursday, June 18.

“Pizza Hut has created the perfect combination for American taste buds,” the company trumpets in a news release. A slightly different variation of the Hot Dog Bites Pizza was available in international markets before it found its way stateside.

Still, Pizza Hut is up against the trends: Americans have been increasingly turning away from fast food and opting instead for healthier fare.

This isn’t the only Frankenstein-like food creation by a big brand in recent days. Dunkin’ Donuts announced a combination donut and Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookie product in May.

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