Sunday night during the NBA Finals, it was announced that Monday morning Beyoncé was going to make an announcement on Good Morning America, and we were going to LOVE IT.

I mean, the announcement would have to be a tour right? Or a new album? Or a new song?

Or maybe she’s pregnant? Or that she is going to donate a lot of money somewhere? Or that she’s a huge Willie Nelson fan? OR SOMETHING HUGE AND SURPRISING.

But no. Turns out she was just announcing that she’s vegan and on a diet plan.

The clues were there all along.

The clues were there all along.

The foreboding sweatshirt.

But people were not pleased with this “big” announcement.

Because, it was *maybe* a bit of a letdown?

There were higher hopes.

And now questions are being raised.

Basically, people are mad.

Real mad.

Not everyone, though.

Either way, I guess the truth is that times have changed.

Way to give us all mental blue balls, Bey….Thankssssss

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