So, earlier this week an NFL report was released that claimed Patriots QB, Tom Brady, was “generally aware” team staffers deflated game footballs during the AFC Championship. Shocker…. (*sarcasm*)

The NFL report found that it was “unlikely that an equipment assistant and a locker room attendant would deflate game balls without Brady’s knowledge and approval.”

Divisional Playoffs - Denver Broncos v New England Patriots

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Text messages between team personnel seemed to show they were following orders from Brady.

And on Thursday, he was doing a pre-arranged appearance at Salem State University, and during the Q&A, Brady said this about the Patriot’s Super Bowl win:

“We earned and achieved everything we got as a team, and we’re pretty proud of that.”

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But he declined to address the report any further during his sit-down with sportscaster Jim Gray.

“It’s only been 30 hours, so I haven’t had time to digest it fully, but when I do, I’ll let you know how I feel about it,” Brady said.

“Are you that slow a reader?” Gray asked. (<—– HAHAHAAAA GOTEEM!)

AFC Championship: Baltimore Ravens Vs. New England Patriots

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“I’m used to reading X’s and O’s — this was a bit longer,” Brady replied.

When Gray asked if the Super Bowl win was tainted by the allegations in the report, Brady responded, “Absolutely not.”


Ughhhhh….. *vom*

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