Who do you prefer?


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If you chose Seth Rogen (on the right) you prefer “dad bods”!

“The less you care, the more appealing you become!”

That is, in my opinion, the mission statement of dad bods.

Good news for the Jason Segel’s, Seth Rogen’s and (now) Leonardo DiCaprio’s of the world!

So I’m saying SCREW fitbits, SCREW protein bars, SCREW even opening up the health app on my cell phone…now that dad bods are all the rage I’ve found peace of mind in pieces of pizza.

Ladies love dad bods because they are so extraordinary at being ordinary.

Take these for example:


‘Dad bods’ isn’t a new thing. It is a reinassance.

MacKenzie Pearson, a college Sophomore at Clemson University, is looked at as the leader of the movement and now an “expert” in why women love dad bods.

Here are her findings

I’m patiently waiting for the Magic Mike spoof that features only dad bods. Hopefully the Wayans Brothers aren’t busy.





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