NEWSFLASH: A “Perfect Body” does NOT exist.

Apparently social media still doesn’t get it, so one fitness blogger decided to do something about it.

Cassey Ho is a social media fitness guru known for creating a YouTube channel called “Blogilates,” which is devoted to teaching audiences Pilates and boot-camp workouts.

And she made a video that has since gone VIRAL for all the right reasons. In it, she absolutely nails the feeling of what it’s like facing negative comments right after posting a selfie you liked and felt confident about (at least at the time).
This Woman Photoshopped Herself With A "Perfect" Body To Prove How Ridiculous It Is

 Then, through CGI, she completely changed her body, giving herself a thigh gap, making her waist tinier, narrowing her jaw, enhancing her breasts, and changing the color of her eyes.
 Are you’re not going to BELIEVE how people reacted this time!
Check out the video below:
Yep, even with her new “perfect” body, there was still plenty of hateful comments full of negative body image messages like “anorexic.” Some also made comments like “fitness goals” and “that thigh gap.”   And yes, a few STILL made comments like “Still fat…”
Just further proving that no matter what, you can’t please everyone… So love yourself first!

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