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Drake And Lil Wayne In Concert - Mountain View, CA

It’s impossible to fathom the amount of ass that gets thrown at celebrity men. But if we had to guess, we’d say Drake easily tops the list of stars with the most conquests.

Not to mention most scandalous conquests, after he allegedly went on dates with Karrueche while Chris Brown was in jail. But, Mr. Steal Your Girl isn’t only about his arch nemesis’ women, he’s about Weezy’s women too.

News recently broke that Drake slept with one of Lil Wayne‘s girls and the Young Money head honcho was heartbroken over it. Writing about the scandal in a book treatment, Wayne reveals that it happened before he hooked up with the girl, but he was only made aware of the situation once he was in jail.

Now, TMZ has obtained additional pages from the treatment Weezy is shopping around and it looks like all was forgiven. ICYMI, catch up below:

Lil Wayne settled his beef with Drake, who slept with his girlfriend, by concluding, “F*** that ho!” … this according to a book treatment he’s shopping around to publishers.

We’ve obtained additional pages of the treatment, which tie up the story we told you about Friday — that Drake visited him while he was at Rikers Island and told him the day before Weezy hooked up with his girlfriend, Drake slept with her. According to the treatment, Drake said, “I did f*** her.”

It appears Wayne cut the girl loose and stuck with his boy on this one. Because, bros over hoes.

Apparently, Weezy decided the GF was too loose for his taste, because in the treatment he concludes, “As a man, I’ll admit that shit really f****d me up, but hey, **** that ho!” He added, “Love is blind, that’s why I say make sure that bitch is a seeing eye dog.”

As far as what else is discussed in the book, there’s some interesting content.

The treatment also has proud moments, like when Wayne was down in the dumps but was uplifted by a visit from his lawyer. He says when the lawyer left, he went back to his cell to make himself some dinner. “Tonight’s menu was noodle soup and a Doritos burrito. Yeah! Made it myself.”

But there were low points, too. He says that same night, “The guy below me yelled all night, “Yo, f*** you Weezy!”

You’ve got to love Weezy F. Baby. Below are 10 times Drake and Lil Wayne were seen “ménaging” with Nicki Minaj… because, relevancy.


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