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In the words of Bill Nye: “Science Rules!”

Sooo, I don’t exactly know what sort of scientific measuring method went into determining this list, but it’s pretty fantastic either way.

Get ready ladies! Either you’re about to take a sigh of RELIEF that your man’s name isn’t on here OR immediately start shaking your head and telling yourself “WOWWWW! Now it alllllll makes sense…”

the mindy project grammar nazi gif 

Without further ado, here’s a handy-dandy list of names of the most common D-Bag dudes that would probably have you pulling your hair out… (At least according to “First to Know.”)

Top 15 Names Of Douche-Bag Guys:

15. Matthew

14. Tommy

13. Eric

12. Ryan

11. Scott

10. Mike (Michael)

9. Brandon

8. Bradley

7. Frank

6. Travis

5. Tyler

4. Adam

3. Jeff

2. Mark

1. Nick



And now you know!

P.S. Sorry to all the dudes named Nick out there…sucks to be youuuuuuu.

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