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Many thought there were losing their minds last night and it was all because of a single dress on social media.

Last night social media went crazy and America was divided over the colors of a dress! #TheDress became the #1 trending topic on Twitter when people couldn’t seem to agree on the color of this dress! Look at the picture below and tell us if the dress is white and gold or blue and black?  Even crazier is that many saw white and gold one moment and then a few minutes later saw black and blue!


There have been many theories on why some people see this dress as white and gold and others as black and blue.  Some people say it’s because of the lighting in the room.  If the lighting is poor then you might see white and gold.  If the lighting is good then you see black and blue.  Of course, people can’t even agree on that either and say its because of the emotions you are feeling at the time.  No matter the consensus…let’s be honest, it’s white and gold:)


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