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Quite the cat and mouse game these 2 are playing with each other…

Leo DiCaprio took a break from all the models to toss Rihanna a birthday party! Reports:

Leonardo DiCaprio came up for air from the model he was drowning in long enough to help throw Rihanna a lavish, celebrity-filled birthday party at a private mansion in Beverly Hills where the two were “dancing close all night,” according to a report in US magazine.

So it sounds like DiCaprio, the famous model-dater who we hear also acts in movies or something, is back to seeing Rihanna (if they were ever dating in the first place, because, who really knows). 

Either way, we’ll imagine that DiCaprio definitely tried to sneak a second piece of birthday cake at which point Rihanna slapped it to the ground in front of everyone, because that’s just fun. 

Now I’m wondering what’s going on with these 2!