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Mario Lopez has a new book.

Mario Lopez hosts ‘Extra’ at their New York studios at H&M in Times Square on September 30, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra)

In his most recent memoir called “Just Between Us,” Mario Lopez is unfiltered, intimate and daring, as he reveals it all. One of the personal topics he touches in his book is virginity.

The TV host and actor unveils that sex was his choice of drug and that he actually lost his virginity the day before his 13th birthday.

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“I can’t believe I was that young, it’s so awful,” Lopez recalled in an interview with Huffington Post Live.

Lopez says he looks back now that he has kids and it’s still shocking to him.

“It’s just one of those things that looking back, I can’t believe I was that young,” he admitted of losing his virginity at age 12. “I can’t believe I was that stupid, I can’t believe I was that foolish,” he added.

The “Saved by the Bell” star blamed his careless action on his situation growing up in California.

“When you’re growing up in the city and it’s a tough neighborhood and you have older cousins,” he elaborated, saying that “everybody grows up quick in the hood.” “Everybody starts things a lot younger then they probably need to,” Lopez said.

Mario Lopez was in Saved by the Bell.

Mario Lopez was a huge hit in the 90s show “Saved By The Bell.” (Photo: NBC Productions)

Though the actor technically kept abstinent until the age of 12, he told HuffPost Live that it doesn’t count.

“I didn’t know what I was doing, it shouldn’t even count! But I figured it out…I didn’t even enjoy it,” he said.

The star of Mexican descent, who is the father of 4-year-old Gia Francesca and 1-year-old Dominic, said he has the perfect advice for his children when they’re “old enough.”

“‘You guys are fortunate to not have the situation that I grew up in, so you’re very blessed,’” Lopez said.

It seems as if the Latino actor regrets “popping his cherry” at such a young age; yet, he takes the incident as a learning experience.

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“It’s also lessons I learned that kind of made me the person I am today.”

Other stars to have lost their virginity before 15 include: Kim Kardashian (14), Britney Spears (14), Johnny Depp (13), Angelina Jolie (14), Benicio del Toro (13), Robin Thicke (13) and Anthony Kiedes (13). But no one can beat Sean Connery, who allegedly lost his at 8 years old.

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