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Let’s get hammmmmmmmmed. Lolz.

YESSSSS! My favorite time of year! “The Bachelor” is finally back. This season’s bachelor is Chris Soules, the hot farmer from Iowa who we all grew to love on Andi Dorfman’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Now, he has 30 women to uhm…harvest… in an attempt to find his true love.


Credit: ABC

And the whole process may or may not be absolutely epic train wreck, which is why we love it—obvi.

So, thanks to one of my favorite guilty pleasure websites (, I present you with a drinking game that will make even the biggest “Bachelor” hater excited to plop down on the couch every Monday night to watch this mess of a love game unfold.

Grab a bottle of wine, or if you’re the heathen I hope you are, pour a glass of vodka, because it’s time to hop on Chris’s tractor and watch the Hoe-iest of Hoe-Downs.


Oh ya, and based off the sneak peek videos on ABC’s website, it’s going to be a bumpy ride — you may want to pour yourself a double.

Yayyyy….so without further ado:

Take a sip if…

  • Chris talks about being from a small town or about how humble he is.
  • Anyone says “Farmer Chris.”
  • Anyone swears and it’s bleeped out.


  • Anyone refers to him as “Prince Farming.”
  • There is an awkward silence.
  • Someone cries.
  • Someone says the word “love.”
  • A contestant says she is ready to find that “special someone.”
  • Chris takes off his shirt.
  • A contestant says, “I can’t do this.”
  • A contestant storms out of the room crying.
  • A contestant’s name could double as a stripper’s name.
  • A contestant brings up the “first impression rose” or any other date-specific rose.
  • Someone uses a fake accent.
  • A girl says she “loves Double Stuf Oreos, too!”
  • A girl has a southern accent.
  • A contestant refers to herself as a southern belle.


  • A contestant calls Chris a “cutie pie,” “hot stuff,” or any type of pet name.
  • Someone arrives by another means of transportation than a limo.
  • A contestant says she is a midwest girl.
  • A contestant says, “Can I have a hug?”
  • A contestant says, “Can I have a kiss?”
  • Someone talks about how much she gave up to come do this season.
  • A girl says she is looking to find her knight in shining armor.
  • A contestant refers to herself as a dork or a nerd.
  • Anyone refers to herself as a romantic.
  • A girl says, “I want to show you my goofy side.”
  • A girl says she has more guy friends because she hates drama.

  • They show Chris on the farm.
  • A contestant talks about how she is tired of being alone.
  • A contestant says, “I’m not here to make friends. I’m only here for Chris.”
  • Chris Harrison has to console a contestant.
  • Chris Harrison has to help Chris make his decision on who to give the rose to.
  • Chris picks up a picture frame of the contestant and “ponders.”
  • There is a group jacuzzi session.
  • Someone refers to Chris as a cowboy.
  • Chris gives out a rose.
  • A contestant wears a gown that you’d most likely wear to a Thrift Shop Prom-themed mixer.

Take a hearty gulp if…

  • Any contestant says she’s looking for love.
  • A contestant tries to dance with Chris.
  • A contestant says, “I watched your season and oh my God, I have the biggest crush on you.”
  • Anyone brings a family member, an animal, a magic trick, etc. out of the limo.
  • Chris makes out with a contestant in the jacuzzi.
  • Anyone tries to make out with Chris and he denies her.
  • They travel to a date by helicopter.
  • A contestant’s job is “model,” “student,” or “actress.”
  • Chris says he’s “never felt like this before.”
  • A contestant says she’s “never felt like this before.”
  • Any contestant says she would “love to move to Iowa and be a farm wife.”

Finish your drink if…

  • Someone tries to talk dirty using farm lingo.
  • Someone reads Chris a poem that she wrote.
  • Anyone mouth rapes Chris and it is so bad that you can’t help but cringe.
  • A contestant exclaims that she “HATES DRAMA.”
  • Chris makes out with a contestant in the jacuzzi and there are other girls in there with them.
  • Chris makes out with someone, then immediately makes out with another girl.
  • There is a group skinny dip in the pool.
  • A contestant asks Chris how many kids he wants to have, and, coincidentally, she says she wants the exact same thing.
  • Someone brings up the “fantasy suite.”
  • A contestant gets drunk.

Chug anything you can find if…


  • Someone says, “This is the most important night/date/time of my life.”
  • A contestant gets pregnant during the show.
  • A contestant has a boyfriend at home.
  • A contestant’s ex lover shows up.
  • You consider applying to be on the next season of “The Bachelor.”

Congratulations, welcome to Tipsy Town.








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