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A School in New Bedford Massachusetts is in hot water after having 2nd grade students protest during their recess!

WHDH Reports:

NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (WHDH) –Some parents in New Bedford are upset after they learned their second grade children spent recess protesting.

According to school officials at the Alma Del Mar Charter School students were taking a class where they learned about the recent protests in Ferguson when they decided to hold their own protest.

“They couldn’t do anything that would be anti-police or anti-any particular people. The scholars agreed to that and they asked the principal for permission as well,” Will Gardner, executive director of the Alma Del Mar Charter School, said.

One parent, a police officer in town, saw the protesting students in front of the school as he drove by.

“Having the children off school property without any parental permission slip is inexcusable,” Officer George Borden said. “I found that extremely upsetting, multiple people I’ve spoken to felt the same way, I’ve shown them pictures of this.”

School officials said the protest was completely voluntary.

“We had a group of Scholars who just wanted to play. They were on the monkey bars having their normal recess while this was going on,” Gardner said.

Borden said that because he is a police officer he is already in a tough position, but this makes it even more difficult.

“The first thing she said to me when she got in my car wax ‘daddy, do you shoot people?’”

The original FULL story is on WHDH’s website here!!