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In 2 weeks, we all will start another life journey by taking on 2015 a little older, wiser, and hopefully healthier than before…

There has been those lovely ups and downs, fights with friends or family, times we laughed too much we peed ourselves….all great things that don’t mean much, but something we seem to take advantage of.

It seems like towards the end of 2014 the whole nation was torn apart and brought together under some terrible circumstances but the future is all we have to look forward too.

It is even more unfortunate that there are many loved ones who will not be joining us into the new year and as we moan still over their loses, we need to cherish what we have at all times.

I was deeply saddened the most by the death of Robin Williams. Such a great human who helped others smile and bring joy to their lives but yet could we have done more to make him happy? As sad as it is, we still have to move on and celebrate the greatness Mr. Williams and all those lost this past year…. to see a complete list that we can pay our respects to can be seen at —->


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