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Thou shalt not screw with the TSA…

According to Rolling Stone “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer Jeremih was arrested Friday for attempting to board a flight after the final boarding call. The alleged incident took place at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. The singer, who had performed in New York the night before, was booked along with his entourage on a US Airways flight to Phoenix.

Jeremih was en route to Fresno, California, where he was scheduled to perform at the B95 Fresno Holiday Jam Friday night alongside Wiz Khalifa, E-40, T-Pain and more. The “Birthday Sex” singer didn’t make it to that concert as he spent the night in Port Authority custody.


According to, after Jeremih missed the final boarding call, a member of his entourage then attempted to pry a jetway door open to allow the singer to board. A Port Authority spokesperson said that the person instead tried to hold open the door after the plane was readied for takeoff to allow Jeremih to make the flight.

The New York Daily News writes that Jeremih and another member of his entourage actually sneaked onto the plane after the final boarding call before personnel became aware of what was happening and alerted authorities. TMZ offers another account entirely, writing that Jeremih was actually the one who pried the plane’s door to allow some of his tardy musicians to board.

Jeremih, born Jeremih Felton, and musician Adam Woods, another member of his entourage, were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of the administration of law, both misdemeanors. A third man named Dontate Cunningham – who the New York Daily News calls Jeremih’s “bouncer” and was reportedly the person who opened the plane’s rear door for the singer – was charged with defiant trespass. All three men remained in Port Authority custody Friday night awaiting desk appearance tickets.

Naughty naughtyyyyyyy.